The Terracotta Cafe

You can help us give this dream wings...

The Terracotta Cafe, located in Varanasi, will offer on the job training and hospitality experience for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds giving them all the skills necessary to gain employment in the hospitality industry. Graduates from the Brighter Futures Study Centre in Delhi & local youth from Varanasi will be given the opportunity to learn valuable cafe skills such as food prep & short order cooking, food hygiene, barista training, waiting tables & customer service.

Varanasi is one of the oldest living city in the world it is said that it is impossible to separate where the myth ends & history begins, it isthe holiest of the seven sacred cities in India, it is situated on the bank of The River Ganges in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Varanasi is a key pilgrimage destination and a major tourist destination. Is also holds one of the largest residential universities in Asia The Benaras Hindi University (BHU).

Over 65 million people live in the slums of India. With approximately 138,000 people living in Varanasi slums alone. As urbanization surges, living conditions in poor areas within megacities have become increasingly dire. Today, nearly one in every six urban Indian residents lives in a slum, resulting in increasing security, social, economic and political issues.

The Terrcotta Cafe will support local farmers & promote the use of organic farming practices in Varanasi. We will work in partnership with organic & sustainable farming education projects in Varanasi. We will also use coffee grown & roasted in India.

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